TOC: Top 20 Speakers List; Rayvon Dean Top Speaker


Congratulations to Rayvon Dean, Michigan summer institute alum, on being the top speaker of the 2014 Tournament of Champions.

The top 20 list:

1. Rayvon Dean (University Prep DK)

2. Hemanth Sanjeev (Stratford OS)

3. Michael Koo (Centennial KK)

4. Colin Basco (Westminster Schools BG)

5. Mollie Fiero (College Prep FP)

6. Saul Forman (Westminster Schools FM)

7. Gabriel Koo (Centennial KK)

8. Tyler Anderson (ACORN Community JA)

9. Ben Iuliano (Bishop Guertin ID)

10. Lev Asimow (Polytechnic AA)

11. Mike Demers (Bishop Guertin ID)

12. Brent Mitchell (Glenbrook South CM)

13. Natalie Knez (Glenbrook North DK)

14. Kevin Xie (Lexington AX)

15. Gavin Singer (Brophy CP MS)

16. Brooke Kimbrough (University Prep DK)

17. Michael McCue (Pine Crest ML)

18. Ajay Mayar (Bronx Science DM)

19. Jeron Dastrup (Whitney Young DS)

20. Theo Noparstak (Niles West NP)



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