Complete 80 team field for the 2014 National Debate Tournament

Congratulation to the 80 teams that have qualified to attend the 2014 National Debate Tournament in Bloomington, Indiana on March 28-31:

Arizona State CR
Baylor BB
Berkeley MS
Berkeley SW
Binghamton CH
Binghamton RS
Cal Irvine PA
Central Oklahoma YV
Concordia BS
Dartmouth CC
Dartmouth KS
Emory DK
Emory CS
Emory JS
Fresno State TH
George Mason KM
Georgetown AM
Georgetown EM
Georgia DG
Georgia SC
Georgia State FF
Harvard BS
Harvard DT
Harvard HX
Houston RL
Idaho State DI
Indiana PS
Iowa CS
Iowa HK
Kansas BC
Kansas SK
Kansas State KM
Kentucky GR
Kentucky GV
Liberty BM
Liberty CE
Mary Washington MP
Michigan AP
Michigan HK
Michigan State BS
Michigan State TR
Michigan State ZC
Minnesota CE
Missouri State BR
North Texas KA
North Texas QS
Northwestern MP
Northwestern MV
Northwestern OS
Oklahoma BC
Oklahoma LC
Oklahoma LM
Rutgers HS
Rutgers SR
Southern California SH
Southern California VP
Texas CM
Texas FM
Towson JR
Towson TW
Trinity SR
Trinity VA
U.S. Military SB
UT-Dallas S LO
Vanderbilt SW
Vermont BB
Wake Forest DL
Wake Forest LW
Wake Forest MQ
Wayne State JS
Wayne State LM
Weber State HT
West Georgia AM
Whitman College MB
Wyoming PM


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