2014 Lakeland Tournament Varsity Team List

Field in Varsity Policy (56 entries)

School Locale Entry Code
ACORN Community NY/US Anderson & Jeffers ACORN Community AJ
ACORN Community NY/US Fraser & Vega ACORN Community FV
ACORN Community NY/US Rashard & Greaves ACORN Community RG
ACORN Community NY/US Skinner & Lawrence ACORN Community SL
Agape Leaders Prep NY/US Pahlavan & Sheen Agape Leaders Prep PS
Agape Leaders Prep NY/US Yang & Kim Agape Leaders Prep YK
Atholton MD/US Ramanan & Slavinsky Atholton RS
Baltimore City College MD/US Brathwaite & Yeargin Baltimore City College BY
Baltimore City College MD/US DelaHuerta & Imparato Baltimore City College DI
Baltimore City College MD/US Gaylin & Brown Baltimore City College GB
Baltimore City College MD/US Schley & Womack Baltimore City College SW
Bishop Guertin NH/US Sirois & Valdez Bishop Guertin SV
Bishop Guertin NH/US Toomey & Annunziato Bishop Guertin TA
Bronx Science NY/US Ajmera & Cheung Bronx Science AC
Bronx Science NY/US Choi & Laine Bronx Science CL
Bronx Science NY/US Duffee & Montero Bronx Science DM
Bronx Science NY/US Gopaul & Li Bronx Science GL
Bronx Science NY/US Huang & Kulec Bronx Science HK
Bronx Science NY/US Katz & Goldstein Bronx Science KG
Bronx Science NY/US Lu & Martinez Bronx Science LM
Bronx Science NY/US Orchi & Islam Bronx Science OI
Bronx Science NY/US Richard & Nimtrakul Bronx Science RN
Capitol Debate MD/US Park & Brown Capitol Debate BP
Centennial High School MD/US Li & Driscoll Centennial LD
Denver School of the Arts CO/US Finley & Friesen-Johnson Denver School of the Arts FF
Eastside High School NJ/US Bhatti & Ross Eastside BR
Eastside High School NJ/US Duarte & Santos Eastside DS
Eastside High School NJ/US Mendes & Wyche Eastside MW
Edgemont NY/US Cai & Jin Edgemont CJ
Edgemont NY/US Hussain & Jeong Edgemont HJ
Edgemont NY/US Jhangiani & Ning Edgemont JN
Edgemont NY/US Mohamed & Rosner Edgemont RM
Edgemont NY/US Xu & Kohli Edgemont XK
Institute for Collaborative Educati NY/US Buswinka & Howard Institute for Collaborative Education BH
Lexington MA/US Antony & Kim Lexington AK
Lexington MA/US Chong & Devadas Lexington CD
Lexington MA/US Dare & Schnall Lexington DS
Lexington MA/US Huang & Khandelwal Lexington HK
Lexington MA/US Kim & Krishnan Lexington KK
Lexington MA/US Lee & McCallum Lexington LM
Lexington MA/US Meel & Liu Lexington ML
McDonogh MD/US Puvvala & James McDonogh PJ
McDonogh MD/US Neelakhandan & Shah McDonogh SN
NFA NY/US Gomez & Shashikanth NFA GS
NFA NY/US Hossain & Shikari NFA HS
NFA NY/US Pacione & Mojica III NFA PM
Newark Science NJ/US Maldonado & Monclut Newark Science MM
Newark Science NJ/US Simon & Quiroz Newark Science SQ
River Hill MD/US Datta & Datta River Hill DD
River Hill MD/US Srivastava & Srivastava River Hill SS
Stuyvesant NY/US Atos & Goynatsky Stuyvesant AG
Stuyvesant NY/US Xue & Cao Stuyvesant XC
Tech Debate NY/US Weisberger & Redzic Tech Debate WR
Technology NJ/US Benitez & May Technology BM
University High School NJ/US Anderson & Montague University AM
Weston MA/US Chen & Liew Weston CL

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