Harvard – Octafinals

Octafinals VPD


Start time: 12:00 PM EST

Room Flip Rounds Flip Rounds Judges
1 Hilles P09 Bishop Guertin ZS Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart GR Hirn, Kevin
*Sanchez, Sara
Karlson, William
2 Hilles 105A Acorn Community AJ Bishop Guertin ID Geathers, Andrew
*Quigley, Dylan
Tomik, Keegan
3 Hilles P13 Glenbrook South CM Greenhill Ja Arsht, Andrew
*Heidt, David
Sternberg, Jordana
4 Hilles P02 Westminster Schools BG Lexington AX *Lanning, Eric
McCarthy, Evan
McCoy, Andy
5 Hilles Conf 2 Bronx School for Law, Government, Justice AL Stratford SO Antonucci, Michael
*Fiori, Nick
Weil, Stephen
6 Hilles Cinema Brooklyn Technical CN Brophy CP MS Awsare, Shree
Burch, Daryl
Crossan, Ben
7 Hilles P10 Bronx Science DM Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Techn KW Herman, David
Nierman, Ryan
Semple, Aubrey
8 Hilles 104 Event Hall Glenbrook North CH Lexington Kr Forslund, Eric
*Pesce, Matthew
Taylor, Daniel

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