Harvard – Doubles Pairings

Congrats to all who cleared and survived the snow!

Double Octafinal VPD

Start time: 8:00 AM EST

Room Flip Rounds Flip Rounds Judges
1 Hilles 220 Centennial KK Bishop Guertin ZS *Fiori, Nick
Quigley, Dylan
Tomik, Keegan
10 Hilles 105A Acorn Community AJ Glenbrook South RC *Hirn, Kevin
Lanning, Eric
McCarthy, Evan
11 Hilles P13 Glenbrook South CM Westminster Schools HK Caporal, Jack
Sanchez, Sara
Shore, Sam
13 Hilles 251 Bishop Guertin ID Blake SW Arsht, Andrew
Schirmer, Abby
*Weil, Stephen
14 Hilles 106 Bronx School for Law, Government, Justice AL Edgemont NJ *Burch, Daryl
Semple, Aubrey
Stith, Jessica
15 Hilles P02 Edgemont KX Lexington AX Gannon, Andres
Louvis, Ezra
Shaner, Jake
16 Hilles 320 Brooklyn Technical CN Capitol Debate West SS *Crossan, Ben
Evans, Rashad
Hammond, Sean
2 Hilles 351 Bronx Science DM Pace LS Heidt, David
Shah, Priten
Taylor, Daniel
3 Hilles P10 Greenhill Ja Westminster Schools SF *Randall, Dana
Xu, Yunhan
Karlson, William
4 Hilles P11 Capitol Debate East RS Glenbrook North CH Belhachmi, Abla
*Forslund, Eric
Nierman, Ryan
5 Hilles 111 Westminster Schools LS Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Techn KW Antonucci, Michael
Banks, Paul
McCleary, Patrick
6 Hilles Conf 2 Stratford SO Dexter SM Lopez, Leandra
McGrath, Michael
Meloche, Brad
7 Hilles Cinema Lexington Kr Glenbrook South CK Abbas, Danny
Garrett, Lincoln
Skenderi, Victor
8 Hilles 107 Brophy CP MS Capitol Debate HP Awsare, Shree
Herman, David
Vijay, Madhu
9 Hilles P09 Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart GR Groves CP McCoy, Andy
*Pesce, Matthew
Voss, Jon
12 BYE Westminster Schools BG Westminster Schools CD

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