Harvard – Undefeated Teams After Round 3

3 Anderson & Jeffers Acorn Community AJ Acorn Community
3 Iuliano & Demers Bishop Guertin ID Bishop Guertin
3 Zoda & Stekl Bishop Guertin ZS Bishop Guertin
3 Athanasopoulos & Liriano Bronx School for Law, Government, Justice AL Bronx Law
3 McCoy & Singer Brophy CP MS Brophy CP
3 Koo & Koo Centennial KK Centennial
3 Kohli & Xu Edgemont KX Edgemont
3 Choi & Hill Glenbrook North CH Glenbrook North
3 Coleman & Kenner Glenbrook South CK Glenbrook South
3 Callahan & Mitchell Glenbrook South CM Glenbrook South
3 Atia & Xie Lexington AX Lexington
3 Fraser & Krishnan Lexington Kr Lexington
3 Sanjeev & Ogle Stratford SO Stratford
3 Yan & Atos Stuyvesant YA Stuyvesant
3 Basco & Gupta Westminster Schools BG Westminster Schools
3 Li & Shen Westminster Schools LS Westminster Schools
3 Seitz & Forman Westminster Schools SF Westminster Schools

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