Golden Desert Food Guide


You can check the earlier Meadows/UNLV food guide here. A lot of those are closer to Meadows and if you are in the UNLV area for Golden Desert you probably don’t want to be driving out to summerlin. So here are some additional recommendations on/off the strip.


A brief note- if you have a finite amount of precious meal money you should eat at McDonald’s for 9/10 of your meals and save the rest to go to someplace awesome. How often are you in the restaurant Mecca of the world? Nothing infuriates me more than hearing people who come here for tournaments and eat at chilis. 3 nights of Chilis is a meal at anywhere on the strip.


Not Spendy


Todd’s– With a pretentious name like Todd’s Unique Food or whatever it is it took me some time to go here  but man, it is cracking. I put this in this category because if you go to one place make it this one, though it can be spendy if your eyes are bigger than your stomach/like mine.

Metro Pizza– Not gonna lie, I don’t even know if they have good pizza. I have been here like 5 times and gotten a different meatball sandwich (including meatball sliders- why didn’t I think of that) and they were all amazing. People I have been there with say the pizza is good, but again, meatballs.


Kabuto– Ok yes, this place can be expensive if you get a tasting menu.But if you get sashimi its like 25 dollars which is a pretty average vegas meal (though obvi more than chipotle). But where the frack else are you going to get 5 star sashimi for 25 dollars?

Peppermill– its 24 hour diner food, but its fantastic.

Eat- on the opposite end of the pretentious name spectrum you have eat. Just look at the pictures, if they don’t have you saying ” I want to go to there” then I don’t know what I can do to help you. If you are trying to get breakfast this is def the A strat

Komex– Korean/Mexican fusion, awesome. Hat tip to Bietz



ESTIATORIO MILOS -If you like sea food or greek food this is a must visit. Until recently I didn’t really care for either but this place is life changing.


The Golden Steer – I will probably take some flack for this one. Hipster “foodies” probably wouldn’t get caught dead here but if you  have ever eaten in a steakhouse in Texas and been like “I don’t need a fancy napkin this napkin made of meat works just fine” then you will probably like this place.


China Pablano– Chinese/Mexican fusion,pretty genius


Bartolotta– If you have veg/vegan make sure you hit the Wynn- Steve Wynn went raw foods a while ago and requires every restaurant in his hotels has at least 8 vegan options on the menu.


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