2014 Montgomery Bell Academy Tournament Round 1 Pairing

Lowry 12 Capital Debate West DD Harker KM McCaffrey, Kevin
Lowry 14 Barstow DN Carrollton Scrd Heart WD Forslund, Eric
Lowry 21 St. Mark’s JM Capital Debate East RS Lee, Ed
Lowry 22 Berkeley Prep DD Caddo Magnet MC Miller, Bruce
Lowry 23 College Prep BY Stratford Academy OS Grellinger, Adam
Lowry 24 Lexington AX Jesuit College Prep FP Abelkop, Garrett
Lowry 25 Westminster BG C.E. Byrd NN Beier, Ian
Lowry 31 Barstow SR Brophy MS Mulholand, Rob
Lowry 32 Westminster LF University School(TN) KW Spomer, Andrew
Lowry 33 Oak Hall ES Chattahoochee AS Sedelmyer, Chris
Lowry 34 Capital Debate North KK Damien ML Hines, John
Lowry 35 Maine East AL Bishop Guertin DI Haselton, Kelly
Lowry 37 Dexter SM Pace Academy LS Schirmer, Abby
Lowry 39 Glenbrook North DK College Prep GA Malia, Mattew
Massey 11 Cypress Bay US McDonogh RE Rubaie, Brian
Massey 12 Woodward PB Whitney Young SD Whisenhunt, Toby
Massey 14 Carrollton Scrd Heart GR Notre Dame BA Herndon, James
Massey 16 Chattahoochee PW Niles West NP Sanchez, Sara
Massey 20 Pace Academy HP Niles North EB Tang, Wayne
Massey 21 Lexington KF Iowa City West YM Heidt, Jenny
Massey 22 Johns Creek DS Cypress Bay VP Conklin, Elyse
Massey 23 Edgemont NJ Highland Park (TX) SH Dinser, Erin
Massey 24 Pine Crest Prep LM Saint Ignatius PB Pipkin, Stephen
Massey 25 Greenhill DJ Glenbrook North CH Gannon, Andres
Massey 26 Saint Ignatius LP Groves CO Berthiaume, Magg

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