2014 Harvard University Round Robin Participants

Congratulations to all those who were invited to attend the 2014 Harvard University Round Robin, including 23 former alums of the Michigan Debate Institutes:

Bishop Guertin – Mike Demers & Ben Iuliano

Bronx Law – Charles Athanasopoulos & Geordano Liriano

Brophy College Prep – Ryan McCoy & Gavin Singer

Carrollton Sacred Heart – Madison Gonzalez & Miranda Ryshawy

Centennial – Gabriel Koo & Michael Koo

Glenbrook North – Derek Choi & Kim Hill

Glenbrook South – Chris Coleman & Harrison Kenner

Glenbrook South – Chris Callahan & Brent Mitchell

Greenhill – Ricardo Jaramillo & Sohum Daftary

Lexington – Katie Fraser & Arjun Krishnan

Pace Academy – Erik Howard & Anshuman Parikh

Stratford – Dylan Ogle & Hemanth Sanjeev

Westminster – Colin Basco & Naman Gupta

Westminster – Eileen Li & John Shen


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