2013 Dowling Tournament Pairings: Rounds 1-3

Dowling Round 1 Pairing:

100 Niles West AhBr Glenbrook South AK Joseph, Kyle
101 Iowa City SH Glenbrook South CM Ding, Jeffrey
103 New Trier LD Glenbrook South CR Miller, Bruce
104 Minneapolis South GE Glenbrook South DL Hancock, Liam
105 Niles West CH SF Roosevelt MK Bosch, Emily
106 West Des Moines Valle PH SF Roosevelt SR Simonson, Zach
107 Iowa City GO SF Roosevelt CC Birzer, Chris
108 New Trier GB Glenbrook North KR Fahrenbacher, Ma
200 Minneapolis South GS Washington PM Murray, Brian
201 Bloomington Jefferson DG Cedar Rapids Washingt BK Tews, Richard
202 Glenbrook North ML West Des Moines Valle DS Zelmer, Ryan
203 Maine East PL West Des Moines Valle BD Lind, Brett
204 Bloomington Jefferson ZF Iowa City West TS Jones, Evan
205 O’Gorman BB Iowa City West HK Chase, Allie
207 Iowa City West BR Eagan BS Sadagopal, Rohan
300 Niles North TB Eagan JH Ehrlich, Miranda
301 Niles North BE Des Moines Roosevelt AW Farris, Sean
301 Niles North BE Des Moines Roosevelt AW Farris, Sean
302 Niles West KC Iowa City WW Girouard, Micha
303 Rosemount KS Wayzata NG Cramer, Noah
305 Glenbrook South SO Wayzata DM Bancroft, Kevin
306 Glenbrook North CT Wayzata CG Aoki, Eigen
307 Eden Prairie GH Millard North TC Long, Devin
600 Glenbrook South CK Sioux Falls Lincoln RW Peter, Ann
601 Glenbrook North MS Bishop Guertin ST Sylvester, Cort
602 Cedar Rapids Washingt BL Homewood-Flossmoor FR Martin, John
603 Watertown SO Homewood-Flossmoor LS Lavelle, Katheri
605 Iowa City West YZ Glenbrook South BA McIntosh, Val
606 Niles West KP Maine East KS Henderson, Travi
607 Wayzata DK Niles West IT Meloche, Brad
700 Glenbrook North HK Niles West MG Garrett, Lincoln
701 Minneapolis South OT Niles West AlBr Duff, Sean
702 Glenbrook North CH Millard West CW Pogany, Zach
703 Wayzata LH Vermillion MG Wike, Scott
704 Homewood-Flossmoor MD Eden Prairie WY Voss, Jon
705 Maine East AL Des Moines Roosevelt PA Shew, Abbie
707 Maine East BH O’Gorman DW Croat, Spencer
800 Eden Prairie CC seaholm HG Manchester, Jack

Dowling Round 2 Pairing:

100 Maine East KS Niles West AhBr Meloche, Brad
101 Washington PM Iowa City SH James, Andrew
103 Iowa City West TS New Trier LD Bosch, Emily
104 Homewood-Flossmoor LS Minneapolis South GE Kenyon, Matt
105 Sioux Falls Lincoln RW Niles West CH Aoki, Eigen
106 Millard West CW West Des Moines Valle PH Klemme, Graham
107 Cedar Rapids Washingt BK Iowa City GO Martin, John
108 Des Moines Roosevelt PA New Trier GB Long, Devin
200 West Des Moines Valle DS Minneapolis South GS Simonson, Zach
201 Iowa City West HK Bloomington Jefferson DG Croat, Spencer
202 seaholm HG Glenbrook North ML Ehrlich, Miranda
203 Eagan BS Maine East PL Tews, Richard
204 Niles West AlBr Bloomington Jefferson ZF Joseph, Kyle
205 Glenbrook South BA O’Gorman BB Birzer, Chris
300 Glenbrook South AK Niles North TB Peter, Ann
301 SF Roosevelt MK Niles North BE Bancroft, Kevin
302 Glenbrook North KR Niles West KC Sadagopal, Rohan
303 Bishop Guertin ST Rosemount KS McIntosh, Val
305 Eagan JH Glenbrook South SO Sylvester, Cort
306 SF Roosevelt CC Glenbrook North CT Pogany, Zach
307 Wayzata NG Eden Prairie GH Voss, Jon
600 Eden Prairie WY Glenbrook South CK Stein, Beenie
601 Glenbrook South DL Glenbrook North MS Garrett, Lincoln
602 Niles West IT Cedar Rapids Washingt BL Henderson, Travi
603 SF Roosevelt SR Watertown SO Welter, Tony
605 Glenbrook South CR Iowa City West YZ Manchester, Jack
606 Millard North TC Niles West KP Miller, Bruce
607 Niles West MG Wayzata DK Shearer, Tyler
700 O’Gorman DW Glenbrook North HK Chase, Allie
701 Wayzata DM Minneapolis South OT Hancock, Liam
702 Iowa City WW Glenbrook North CH Farris, Sean
703 West Des Moines Valle BD Wayzata LH Jones, Evan
704 Wayzata CG Homewood-Flossmoor MD Ding, Jeffrey
705 Homewood-Flossmoor FR Maine East AL Lind, Brett
707 Glenbrook South CM Maine East BH Duff, Sean
800 Vermillion MG Eden Prairie CC Zelmer, Ryan

Dowling Round 3 Pairing:

100 Maine East KS Iowa City GO Aoki, Eigen
101 Glenbrook North KR Washington PM Farris, Sean
103 New Trier LD Maine East BH Voss, Jon
104 Wayzata LH Homewood-Flossmoor LS Chase, Allie
105 Vermillion MG Niles West CH Sadagopal, Rohan
106 Minneapolis South GE West Des Moines Valle PH Bosch, Emily
107 Eden Prairie GH Cedar Rapids Washingt BK McIntosh, Val
108 Glenbrook North CH New Trier GB Ding, Jeffrey
200 Watertown SO West Des Moines Valle DS Bancroft, Kevin
201 Cedar Rapids Washingt BL Iowa City West HK McCool, Chase
202 SF Roosevelt CC Glenbrook North ML Garrett, Lincoln
203 Eagan BS Iowa City West TS Lind, Brett
204 Bishop Guertin ST Niles West AhBr Jones, Evan
205 Niles West IT Glenbrook South BA Joseph, Kyle
207 Niles North TB Niles West MG Meloche, Brad
300 Glenbrook South AK Bloomington Jefferson DG Sylvester, Cort
301 SF Roosevelt MK Iowa City West BR Ehrlich, Miranda
302 Maine East PL Niles West KC Shearer, Tyler
303 Sioux Falls Lincoln RW Rosemount KS Carlson, Dan
305 Iowa City WW Eagan JH McBride, Lillian
306 Minneapolis South GS Glenbrook North CT Hancock, Liam
307 O’Gorman BB Wayzata NG Croat, Spencer
600 Glenbrook South CK Homewood-Flossmoor MD Tews, Richard
601 Iowa City SH Millard West CW Simonson, Zach
602 Des Moines Roosevelt PA O’Gorman DW Welter, Tony
603 Minneapolis South OT SF Roosevelt SR Kenyon, Matt
605 Glenbrook South CR Niles North BE Peter, Ann
606 West Des Moines Valle BD Millard North TC Murray, Brian
607 Glenbrook South DL Wayzata DK Duff, Sean
700 Niles West AlBr Glenbrook North HK Zelmer, Ryan
701 Glenbrook North MS Wayzata DM Long, Devin
702 Maine East AL Glenbrook South SO Martin, John
704 Bloomington Jefferson ZF Wayzata CG James, Andrew
705 Homewood-Flossmoor FR seaholm HG Cramer, Noah
707 Niles West KP Glenbrook South CM Birzer, Chris
800 Iowa City West YZ Eden Prairie CC Fahrenbacher, Ma

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