NFL Rules for Evidence

The NFL has issued a new set of rules governing evidnece that take effect in the 14/15 season, they can be found here.


6 responses to “NFL Rules for Evidence

  1. Its certainly more stringent than the sort of “norms” approach used at most TOC tournaments- though I think thats a good thing. Since debating in NFL in highschool I have always included all the citation material but frequently when calling for cards am appalled at the citation practice. The rules carding ev challenge are probably useful given how more and more frequently this is brought up.

  2. While I agree with most of these rules, a few of them seem like they could cause some potential problems.

    First, as Joey pointed out, I think there needs to be a clearer definition of “exaggeration.” I can’t wait until a team gets disqualified because their evidence was tagged “X will cause nuclear war” when the evidence says “X may cause nuclear war”

    I’m more concerned about the part regarding availability of source material after the round, 7.2(b). While the logic behind this rule obviously makes sense, I foresee some problems with it in practice. What if the evidence was cut at debate camp from a journal/database that was only accessible through the university? What if the card is from a book (gasp) not available online? What if a card is clearly existent but just hard to find (Ex: Try to find the original Mead, ’92 article. The first five pages of google results are all debate-related and I can’t find a university database that has electronic access to New Perspectives Quarterly earlier than 1994.).

    My two cents,

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