2014 University of Michigan Seven Week Seniors Program- June 22-August 8, 2014

Now accepting applications!- http://michigandebate.com/apps.php

2014 Seven Week Seniors Program Faculty:

Jarrod Atchison, Director of Debate at Wake Forest University

Brett Bricker, Assistant Debate Coach at the University of Kansas and Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Cam Colella, Debater at the University of Michigan

Miranda Ehrlich, Debater at the University of Minnesota

Andres Gannon, Assistant Debate Coach at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Jenny Heidt, Director of Policy Debate at The Harker School

Melanie Johnson, Assistant Debate Coach at Niles West High School

Calum Matheson, Assistant Debate Coach at Glenbrook South High School and Harvard University

Brian Rubaie, Assistant Debate Coach at The Barstow School

Quotes from 2013 Michigan Seven Week Seniors Program Attendees:

“Having been to different camps each summer of high school, I can say with certainty that Michigan Seven Week provides the gold standard of debate instruction. In addition to a talented and engaged staff, 7wk creates amazing opportunities for debaters to learn from each other and to really get to the heart of the topic through diverse and in depth research. The combination of countless practice debates judged by actual lab leaders with excellent lectures both camp-wide and in lab makes 7wk the ideal camp experience. The dorm life and city of Ann Arbor helped to make 7wk the absolute highlight of my summer, and I’d recommend the program to anyone and everyone passionate about debate.”

Lev Asimow, Polytechnic School (CA), Quarterfinalist at the 2013 St. Mark’s Tournament, 11/6/13

“After spending two consecutive summers at the Michigan Seven Week Program, it’s hard to imagine where I’d be as a debater without my experience in Ann Arbor. Michigan offers a unique combination of countless practice debates, extensive research opportunities, and innovative lectures given by some of the best minds in the country. At Michigan, debaters are able to improve competitively and become topic experts all in a fun environment that is conducive not only to learning but building relationships. Not to mention, Ann Arbor is a beautiful place to spend your summer.”

Mike Demers, Bishop Guertin High School (NH), Winner of 2013 Notre Dame Tournament, 11/7/13

“Not to overstate my time at Michigan, but the 7-week Seniors Program was the best 7 weeks of my life. The only shortcoming? It only lasted 7 weeks.  Each of the lab leaders brought unique perspective and skills to the table and I learned not just from my own lab, but also from all of the different lab leaders throughout camp. With the perfect balance of practice rounds, research, and lectures I feel as though Michigan 7-week is responsible for most of my growth as a debater.  Throughout my time I felt encouraged to explore my own ideas about debate and not just
absorb someone else’s like a sponge. The focus on my strengths and goals as a debater is something I feel like the seniors program does especially well.  Outside of debate, Ann Arbor is an amazing town, the University is awesome, and the friends and connections made are lasting. Even if I never do debate again I will still think those 7 weeks
were more than worth it.”

Jeron Dastrup, Whitney Young Magnet High School (IL), Winner of the 2013 Valley Tournament, 11/8/13

“Picking the right debate camp before my senior year was an extremely difficult decision, but I could not be happier with my choice to attend the Michigan Seven Week seniors program. Throughout the seven weeks, I received advice and tips on strategy that completely changed the way I think about debate. The staff was incredible, and I took away lessons to improve myself not only as a debater, but also as a member of the debate community in general. I would certainly recommend Michigan Seven Week to anyone looking to improve any aspect of his or her skills as a debater.”

Holmes Hampton, Highland Park High School (TX), Winner of 2013 Wake Forest University Tournament, 11/6/13

“”With so many summer institutes available to debaters, deciding where to go to camp can seem challenging. I would argue you need look no further than Michigan Seven week. The quality and diversity of instruction is unmatched, and the vast number of full practice rounds is invaluable to becoming familiar with the topic before the start of the season. Plus, you get to spend your summer in the fantastic city of Ann Arbor. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my summer than at Michigan.”

Ben Iuliano, Bishop Guertin High School (NH), Winner of 2013 Notre Dame Tournament, 11/6/13

“Attending the Michigan Seniors Program was an easy choice after comparing facilities, environments and faculties with other debate camps. Michigan has a fun, competitive nature where skills of all levels are accepted. No other camp allowed for such exploration of argument flexibility that I strived for going into my senior year. Having a ridiculous amount of one-on-one time with lab leaders, my debate skills grew and transformed me into a nationally-competitive debater in just one summer. Michigan offers a wonderful experience on a gorgeous campus and I would recommend it over any other camp.”

Haley Larsen, Wayzata High School (MN), Quarterfinalist at the 2013 University of Michigan Tournament, 11/6/13

“I had the best summer of my life at the Michigan 7 Week Seniors program. I had the opportunity to work with dedicated, intelligent debate minds with a diverse array of ideological approaches to argumentation, which broadened my horizons and prepared me to debate in a variety of styles. Additionally, I had access to incredibly vast library resources for research, and received guidance and constructive criticism from my instructors, who really helped me maximize my potential for constructing arguments. The constant practice debates made sure that I could fine tune skills and learn new techniques while also getting topic-specific education. My lab leaders were so helpful and really invested in the campers’ success, which made for a positive learning environment that I thoroughly enjoyed!”

Miranda Ryshawy, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart (FL), Semifinalist at the 2013 Notre Dame Tournament, 11/7/13

“Coming back to Michigan the summer before my senior year was definitely the best decision I could have made. The University of Michigan’s research facilities as well as the number of competitive practice debates perfectly complemented the lab leaders’ passion and drive and helped me improve in every aspect as a debater from argumentation skills to specialized research to overall character. Through the Seven Weeks program, I have made friends and experiences that I will truly never forget, and I highly recommend spending the summer in Ann Arbor to anyone.”

Kai Yan, Iowa City West High School (IA), Finalist at 2013 University of Michigan Tournament, 11/7/13


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