2014 University of Michigan Seven Week Juniors Program- June 22-August 8, 2014

Now accepting applications!- http://michigandebate.com/apps.php

2014 Seven Week Juniors Program Faculty:

Josh Clark, Assistant Debate Coach at Montgomery Bell Academy

Eric Forslund, Associate Director of Debate at The Greenhill School

Michael Greenstein, Director of Debate at Glenbrook North High School

David Heidt, Assistant Director of Debate at the University of Michigan and Assistant Debate Coach at Westminster

Marc Jacome, Debater at the University of Michigan

Megan Johnson, Director of Debate at Iowa City West High School

Shunta Jordan, Director of Debate at Pace Academy

Alex Pappas, Debater at the University of Michigan

Jason Peterson, Assistant Debate Coach at St. Mark’s and the University of California at Berkeley

Sheila Peterson, Director of Debate at Wayzata High School

Scott Phillips, Assistant Debate Coach at The Meadows School

Jon Voss, Assistant Debate Coach at Glenbrook South High School

Quotes from 2013 Michigan Seven Week Juniors Program Attendees:

“My summer in the Seven Week Juniors program at the University of Michigan was the best experience I have ever had. Through a perfect combination of in-depth and varied lectures, hours of research, and countless practice debates, the program helped me improve my debate skills in all respects. I was able to work with some of the best minds in debate, and given one-on-one time to give rebuttal redoes and get great advice. Debate aside, I made tons of amazing friends and had a wonderful experience hanging out around Ann Arbor. “

Harry Aaronson, Notre Dame High School (CA), Winner of the 2013 University of California at Long Beach Tournament, 11/6/13

“I am extremely happy that I decided to attend the Michigan 7 Week Juniors Program last summer. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend such a long time away from home, but the experience I gained and the friends I made were well worth it. My lab leaders were super helpful and informative, and I heard a lot of insightful comments that aided me in an improvement of my debating. I also garnered many more research and organizational skills from one-on-one comments in lab and the library. Overall, the atmosphere was focused yet fun in lab, lecture, and Ann Arbor as a whole. I met many amazing people that helped to create a great summer.”

Kate Gehling, Wayzata High School (MN), Finalist at the 2013 Valley and Iowa Caucus Tournaments, 11/6/13

“Michigan was probably the best decision I could have made before my junior year. Each and every faculty member put in the utmost care to make sure that you receive the best possible practice, which shows in every practice debate, research meeting, and lecture. There’s an incredibly fine-tuned balance between topic education and skill development which, coupled with vast library resources and lectures, can make anyone become better regardless of their skill level”

Naman Gupta, Westminster Schools (GA), Winner of the 2013 University of Michigan Tournament, 11/8/13

“Spending 7 weeks at the Juniors Lab in Michigan was truly an unforgettable experience. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been able to be in a lab with amazing lab leaders and friends. I had a phenomenal time during my time in the beautiful Ann Arbor and I highly recommend the 7 Week Juniors Lab to all those who are considering it. I can easily say that the incredibly friendly and nurturing social and academic environment at Michigan made my experience there well worth it. Michigan really focuses on developing the long-term potential of each debater – you develop important research and speaking skills that will help you be successful throughout the year. As such, I highly recommend Michigan for everybody and I hope everybody can enjoy  it like I did.”

Richard Jaramillo, Greenhill School (TX), Finalist at the 2013 Meadows Tournament, 11/6/13 

“I am confident that the University of Michigan Seven Week Juniors Program is the top camp in the country. The lab leaders are some of the best coaches and they are devoted to improving each individual’s skills. The curriculum is thorough and rewarding, with a blend of lab, lectures, research, and practice debates. Michigan excels as a summer institute because they ensure that the best competition in the country will be there with you. The topic knowledge is unrivaled due to ensuring that there is plenty of research, specific practice debates, and a variety of topic lectures. Not only will Michigan exponentially increase your debate skills, but Ann Arbor is also the best location to spend seven weeks. The personnel, skill development, and environment make the Umich Debate Camp a great choice for anyone.”

Clyde Shepherd, Pace Academy (GA), Winner of the 2013 Chattahoochee Tournament, 11/6/13

“The Michigan 7 Week Program was a fantastic experience and a great way to spend the summer. Engaging lectures and lab activities definitely gave me a chance to hone my skills and stay competitive throughout the year. I had a great time meeting debaters from across the nation and learning from lab leaders and other students in a friendly and social environment. Michigan provided access to significant library resources, an incredibly talented faculty, and without a doubt was the best way for me to kick off my competitive season.”

Vinaik Sundaresan, Highland Park (TX), Winner of the 2013 Wake Forest University Tournament, 11/7/13


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