St. Mark’s Tournament Round 6 Pairings

The Varsity Round 6 pairing can be found here.

Sophomore Hoe Down Round 7 Pairing-

Pod A:

Glenbrook North v. Westminster CH, LS 116, Collier/Waranch

New Trier v. Highland Park (TX), LS 102, McHenry/Barnes

Westwood v. Woodward Academy, LS 101, Normand/Pavur

Pod B:

Calhoun v. Montgomery Bell Academy, LS 119, Gjerpen/Jordan

Juan Diego v. Glenbrook South CR, LS 118, Sawyer/Neaylon

Niles North v. Notre Dame, LS 117, Sedelmyer/Ziering

Pod C:

Barstow v. Greenhill, LS 154, Turoff/Bancroft

Casady School v. Caddo Magnet, LS 130, Mithani/Shearer

Head Royce CF v. Pace Academy, Ls 120, Bearden/Martinez

Pod D:

Coppell NO v. Niles West, LS 198, Abbas/Makuch

Lexington v. Harker, LS 197, Varney/Idriss

Valley v. Westminster CD, LS 156, Burr/Arsht


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